I, Marleen Tijdeman, interior designer, promise to always do the best I can to deal with your design question, respecting  your wishes, preferences and time table as much as possible and to make sure you are happy with my proposals. Should there be discussion about certain elements or the end result, I trust that we can always work out a solution within what may be considered reasonable in terms of price and time that will make us both feel good and you as customer satisfied. I do believe in trust and consider myself a trustworthy person, so trust and reasoning will dominate our working relationship.


When you have purchased colour and finishes advices, I will present a colour and/or material board (depending on the question) to you with useful links. I will visualize how colours and/or materials will combine with your actual or desired interior.

When you have purchased styling/accessory advices, I will present one or multiple mood boards to you visualizing the elements to add to the interior and how this will combine with what is already there. I will include a shopping list for all elements used.

When you have purchased a complete room design you can expect a 2D layout/floorplan proposal (with 1 revision), a mood board, a 3D visualisation for the room (with 1 revision), a shopping list and other useful links (if any). Each extra revision required can be done at a price of € 50 per revision.

Should you have a design question that is not addressed on this website, you can always email, text or call me to inquire.


The design questions related to colours, finishes and styling as well as single 2D layouts for a room will be paid 100% upfront online. After your payment you can recall this within 24 hours, before I start working on your design by sending me an email and I will repay100% of the amount paid.

For the complete design of a room/space, a 40% deposit is required. The remaining payments will be due as follows:

-25% after completion of the 2D layout/floorplan

-25% after completion of the mood board and 3D visualisation

-10% after delivery of the entire 2D and 3D design including shopping list and links.

You have the right to recall within 24 hours after paying the 1st deposit, before I start working on your project.

All prices are including VAT.

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Gift Voucher

After you click on "SEND" you will be automatically directed to the online payment module from Mollie. After I received the payment I will send you the voucher.

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Do you have a design question for the interior of your private home or your business?

Do you have interior design knowledge/experience?

Are you looking for a design for an interior space or a specific piece of furniture to be designed?

For which space(s) do you need ideas/designs?

What kind of home do you live in? 

Is this an old or a new house/apartment?

Do you rent or own this house/apartment?

Where is your house/apartment located?

Tell me about the current state of the space you want a design for?

When do you need the design to be ready?

Let’s talk about your budget for this project for a minute (meaning not just my design costs, but also the purchase of furniture etc. ). What type of solution are you looking for?

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