Hello there! I am Marleen.

I turned my passion for interiors into my profession only some years ago, when I  got my BA in Interior Architecture and Design. This in addition to running a small scale holiday accommodation in Italy and participating in an Italian bags company.

I would like to characterize my designs as ‘liveable’ designs. Designs that combine aesthetics with functionality. Designs that are ‘makeable’. That is why my portfolio on this website is called @work (a verb instead of  a noun) and contains a combination of finished designs as well as the making of.

My signature is contemporary, ‘sleek but cozy’ design, but as a true designer I will always take the client’s style preferences at heart. I try to always consider sustainability as well, which can apply to the advices materials as well as for instance a base, timeless interior with colourful, fashionable accents that can easily be changed to refresh the interior at any time, following a change in taste or fashion for instance. I also try to reuse furniture and other elements when possible. Searching online for just the right elements to include in the design in terms of colour and shape, I consider one of my strengths and an added value for the overall design.

I design interiors for anything from a single room to an entire house/apartment and retail business,  as well as custom-made furniture. I am working for and with Joefster & Co, a woodworking company in Italy. Together we offer both design services and the making of custom made furniture and interiors, either separately or combined.

Marleen Tijdeman - Interior Advice Online
Marleen Tijdeman thinking - Interior Advice Online

About this website

This website is developed for people with design questions varying from a colour advice only to the full layout for a room with a shopping list for furniture and accessories. All in an accessible way, online and at an accessible price.

If you have a design question, you will be led through an online interactive questionnaire to find out what you are looking for, ending with a description of the design services/packages I can offer you and at which price. You then have the opportunity to purchase this service online, after which we will get in to contact personally using the channels of you choice such as email, whatsapp and facetime to work together towards your desired design. In the process I will ask you to provide me with things like images reflecting your preferred style and colours, photos of the room involved, a floorplan and/or any other material to enable me to propose the right design to you.  When you cannot find an offer matching your design question on this website, you can always email, call or text me to inquire. I can also help out with designs for terraces/outdoor spaces!

Further details about how I work you can find under ‘Working together’.

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Do you have a design question for the interior of your private home or your business?

Do you have interior design knowledge/experience?

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For which space(s) do you need ideas/designs?

What kind of home do you live in? 

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Where is your house/apartment located?

Tell me about the current state of the space you want a design for?

When do you need the design to be ready?

Let’s talk about your budget for this project for a minute (meaning not just my design costs, but also the purchase of furniture etc. ). What type of solution are you looking for?

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Marleen Tijdeman

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